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NFFV closely monitors current events and proposed legislation that promote conservative values. In turn, our mission is to put resources into action in an effort to support the cause. Conversely, when we identify activity or proposed legislation that is in conflict with conservative and/or biblical principles, we support legislators and local leaders in opposition to the cause. 

MINUTEMAN ALERTS: A primary method of communicating current events and relevant proposed legislation is via our Minuteman Alerts. See past alerts and signup here! 

WORKSHOPS:  Legislature 101 Workshops are designed to educate the public on the legislative process in Nebraska as well as provide insight into proposed legislation that impacts conservative values and biblical principles.  Learn more here!

  During the legislative session, NFFV regularly communicates time sensitive information with Nebraska citizens.  To extend our reach, and more effectively communicate with citizens in a timely manner, NFFV utilizes a Legislative Captain Program.  Learn more here!

INAPPROPRIATE BOOKS IN SCHOOL LIBRARIES:  In recent times, it has become known that many Nebraska public schools libraries have UNACCEPTABLE BOOKS due to their pornographic or obscene content.  NFFV has compiled a list of 20 UNACCEPTABLE books (discovered by parents from around the country) to be in their public-school, until the parents took action and their local school board removed the books. Here is the list! ARE ANY OF THESE BOOKS IN YOUR PUBLIC SCHOOL LIBRARY?

2023 Nebraska Legislative Committee Roster:  For a quick reference to the 2023 Legislative Committees, click here.

May 18, 2023

Legislature 101 Workshop

Weeping Water, NE

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The moral decline in America is making alarming inroads into Nebraska. Many of us see this trend and believe that we need to act now to reverse the damage already done and lay a ground work for Christian activism. Nebraskans for Founders' Values intends to be in the public square to turn back this negative tide eroding our freedom and religious liberties.

Our goal is to awaken the silent majority and then channel the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens back to the Word of God and our Founders’ Values. We will then unite them in action to preserve the ‘Good Life of Nebraska’. Unless we return our culture to Christian based principles in our decisions, maximize the talent and power within each individual, stop legislation that impinges on our religious liberties, and help citizens to stop relying on government to solve their problems, the future of our nation and state is in great peril.

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the bedrock of truth and the foundation on which this great country was established. We believe that the vast majority of Nebraskans hold this same conviction. We perceive that many of our citizens have been lulled over time to believe that our moral and ethical way of life would always remain the same, never be assaulted, and never erode. We recognize the fallacy of this thinking. We believe that the United States Constitution and Bill of Right authored by our Founding Fathers were the result of ‘divine inspiration’ and we marvel at how these documents have stood the test of time. They accomplished more good for the nation using pen and ink in several meetings in one year than we have accomplished using all the instant technology available to us today.

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