Inappropriate Books in Public School Libraries

We hear rumblings that many Nebraska public schools libraries have UNACCEPTABLE BOOKS due to their pornographic or obscene content.

NFFV has compiled a list of 20 UNACCEPTABLE books (discovered by parents from around the country) to be in their public-school, until the parents took action and their local school board removed the books. Here is the list! ARE ANY OF THESE BOOKS IN YOUR PUBLIC SCHOOL LIBRARY?

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There is a God, the God of the Bible, and our rights come from Him.  The purpose of civil government is to protect our God-given rights.  Our rights my not be taken away by a tyrannical government or by a vote of the people. 


The preborn are human beings whose Constitutional rights to life are being ignored.  Abortion should be completely abolished in all forms. 

Homicide laws should enforced against doctors who execute unborn human babies.

The Supreme Court is an appellate court, and its proper role is to grant relief to plaintiffs when it is just.  The Court does not make law, and its decision that abortion is legal should be defied and ignored. 

Religious Freedom

Our nation was found on the basis of religious freedom, and it is enshrined in our Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution and in our Statement of Rights in the State of Nebraska Constitution. 

Parental Rights

It is the natural, fundamental rights of parents to determine and direct the care, teaching, and education of their children. 

Return God to our Public Schools

The Bible and prayer were once an essential part of our children's education.  Removing Almighty God from our schools has lead to an increase in crime, broken families, and immorality in our society.  Government, comprised of flawed men, has taken the place of God as the granter of rights and privileges. 

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

We are created in the image of God as either male or female at birth.  People cannot choose their sex based on feelings. 


We believe that the Constitution should be interpreted as it was originally written.  The federal government has exceeded the limited and enumerated powers listed in the Constitution.  The Supreme Court has exceeded its powers and is making laws and ignoring the original meaning of the Constitution.  The Constitution may only be changed through the two methods described in Article V of the US Constitution and not by the whims of the courts.